19 years. Average 2 races per week, 50 weeks a year, typically 3 laps around 8 marks. That’s over 45,000 mark roundings, near 2,000 starts. And I still get it wrong sometimes. Ah the challenges of Frensham; they scare many away.

Most of that was in a Laser but also a RS200 and now the brilliant RS100. I’ve won races and been in the chocolates at Laser Masters opens meetings, but being a club-racer at heart, usually manage to count a poor race so fail to win overall. I can win opens at Frensham though – perhaps local knowledge helps – my name is on the Laser trophy several times and also, amazingly, the Phantom one too.

Before becoming a club racer, I crewed Larks, 470s then International 14s on the circuit. We won the Lark travellers trophy 3 times, Inlands twice, but three consequtive seconds in the Nationals still hurts nearly 30 years later!

As a kid, I cut my teeth in Mirrors after deciding aged 14 I knew more than my dad who had patiently let me crew in his Troy. If my boat is ever not quite flat, I blame this genesis…

The unique 18 foot keelboats sailed only in Fowey, Cornwall

What do you mean, flat?

More recently, I have fallen into coaching at FPSC, particularly relative newcomers to the club. Seeing their progress, perhaps beating an old-lag for a first time is something I have found I love and formed the inspiration for this website.