GDPR, Privacy policy and T&Cs

We’ve endeavoured to make these clear and fair, in plain English. The long and short is that we want remain friends with our customers. We will play fair with you and expect you to do likewise.


The only data we gather from you is your name, email and address, without which we could not send you your book (or whatever). We retain that data (securely) for accounting and commercial CRM business purposes – we might add another book (or associated products) to the portfolio that could also be up your street.

We never see your credit card information.

We will never share your information with any other party.  

Also on this site are photos of people sailing. No names. Just people in their boats. I created this because, when writing Club Sailor, I struggled to find pictures of club sailing. These pics are free for people to download for their own, personal use. If there is a photo of you and you want me to take it down, email me and I will of course do so, just tell me the file name(s).

Privacy Policy

We capture your email and home address when you buy from us, so that we know where to send your products.

We reserve the right to email you to let you know if we publish a new book that you may also be interested in. But if you click the Unsubscribe button in that email, we will not bother you again. I hate spam too, so will not contact you without what seems to me to be reasonable cause. If you email us asking to be removed from our records, we will do so. no questions asked.

We will never share you email or postal address with any other organisation.

We collect payment data via PayPal; accordingly, we never see nor have access to your credit card data. Which is a relief for us too!

Anyone commenting on one of our website pages or posts hopefully understands that their comment is then published for the whole internet to read. We approve those registering on the website, and sometimes their comments; if we did not, the website would  be buried in all sorts of dross and worse. Way of the web, unfortunately.


Terms and Conditions

We sell our books (whether printed or in digital form) based our best effort as to a fair description of what you are buying.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, we are obliged to give a refund if it is not fit for purpose. But good luck proving that!

The advice in our books, where applicable, is given good faith. But sailing is a sport based on personal responsibility. Those participating  need always to over-ride the author’s opinions and thoughts with their own judgement of the prevailing circumstances and conditions on any particular day they set sail..

Our digital products are sold for the personal use of the purchaser and immediate family. Your purchase does not give the right to share that file with the general public and we reserve the right to seek damages from anyone ‘file-sharing’ our digital products. Accordingly digital-copies are stamped with the purchasers email address on most pages. 

Any photos, articles and posts on the site are copyright Clive Eplett. Please contact us if you want to obtain a copy for commercial use, without which such use would be a copyright breach.