Winter sailing

Personally, I enjoy winter sailing as least as much as being out in the summer. Often the breeze is better. The racing can be too, with less people away sailing elsewhere or going on holiday.

The secret is that there is no such think as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. So get down to your favourite chandler and replenish your winter sailing wardrobe. A fleecy balaclava for example is lovely, even if it does cover your wind-sensors (ears). There are some decent, warm gloves around too – leather ones keep your hands wet – therefore cold. So if you use gloves, discard the leather variety if you want to stay warm.

Just remember that getting changed to winter-sail takes 4 times as long as in summer – don’t be late to the start as a consequence.

And if it does still feel a bit nippy, just think back to the awful, home made, 2-piece wetsuits we had when I was young. Anyone remember the poppered tail on the jacket? Hideous. A pair of jeans was usually preferable

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